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It all started from Paula-Trans. At the beginning our focus was on three lines of business: transport, forwarding and refrigeration. Our experience in transport services gained through the years, ability to build an efficient group of subcontractors and having trustworthy and professional employees encouraged us to go beyond the refrigerated cargo transportation.

The will to develop brought us to a decision to develop our own brand - this is how Paula Fish came into being.

Paula Fish Company meets the expectations of Baltic fish suppliers and buyers, using the latest technological solutions in its newly built fish processing facility with significant freezing capacity. As a result of the golden rule followed by the owners of Paula Fish fishermen are able to focus on catch efficiency, not worrying about the management side.

The aim of the company operations is to make the full use of the national fishing limits for sprat and herring. Continuously, one of our top priorities defining the development direction of Paula Fish is ensuring high quality of products, simultaneously with the best use of the capacity of the Baltic Sea fishing fleet.

APPRECIATE THE QUALITY OF POLISH FISH – has been the company’s motto from its very first days. It is reflected in our slogan:

Paula Fish - the real taste the of Baltic Sea!

Meet a unique fish processing expert with an all-in-one production process, ready to deliver fish sourced exclusively from the Baltic Sea!


Brussels 2014!

Paula Fish in Belgium... again... 2014 memories...