About us

Get to know Paula Fish!

Paula Fish is a brand of Paula Trans – a Polish private family business established in 1998. Initially – as Paula Trans – we focused on international refrigerated transport. Nowadays, we control the entire process: starting from our fishermen, own fishing fleet, and tanker transport, through a freezing chamber, modern refrigerated trucks, and own processing plants, up to storage, sale of frozen food, and transportation within Europe.

Fishermen & Fishing

With our highly-skilled staff and own fishing fleet we are able to get the best of what the Baltic Sea offers – Sprat, Herring, Flounder.

Tankers & Freezing

In order to maintain its highest quality, fish is transported by our own dedicated sea-water tankers. This way we ensure the best possible quality of our fish.

Our Factories & Stock

Thanks to our two modern processing plants, we are able to offer our customers the calibration, freezing and packing process in a single location. We use different freezing methods: cold blow freezing, salted tunnels and vertical plate freezers in temperatures reaching -40°C. The fish is frozen into either IQF or blocks. For your convenience we also offer stock keeping in our cold store. Packaging may vary per every order. The output of both freezing plants is up to 500 MT of frozen fish per day.

New processing plant

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In February 2013, our new processing plant was opened! It is located in Włynkówko near Słupsk at ul. Żelazna 1.

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Frozen Food Sale

Sprat, Herring and Flounder is sold in different sizes:
Sprat: 80 to 120 pieces per kilo, 8-12 cm
Herring: 15 to 25 pieces per kilo, 14 cm +
Flounder: below 25 cm and also 25 cm +


We have our own fleet of refrigerated trucks to transport goods in controlled temperature.
Modern refrigerated trucks, professional drivers with adequate qualifications and years of experience enable us to deliver frozen goods within short lead times. Thanks to the constant availability of our trucks and high flexibility of our company we are capable of completing transactions and orders quickly.


Brussels 2014!

Paula Fish in Belgium... again... 2014 memories...