Sprat | Szprot

Шпрота | Цаца | Mališan | Šprota | Sprotte | Șprot | Слеђица | Spratt

The European sprat, Sprattus sprattus, also known as bristling, brisling or skipper, is a small, herring-like, marine fish. Found in European waters, it has silver grey scales and white-grey flesh. Specific seas in which the species occurs include the Irish Sea, Black Sea, Baltic Sea and Sea of the Hebrides. The fish is around 12% fat in its flesh and is a source of many vitamins. When used for food it can be canned, salted, fried, grilled, baked, marinated, and so on.

Young sprats are commonly known as brisling. Canned sprats (usually smoked) are available in many north European countries, including the Baltic states, Scandinavia, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Russia. They are an important Polish export. The majority of brisling sardines that are sold to the public are harvested off the coasts of Norway and Scotland.

Product suitable for deep-frying, smoking, marinating, drying, salting. Very popular and well-known small fish, perfect for any occasion. In the human diet, they are commercially important and constitute an excellent source of nutrition, including high amounts of various vitamins and minerals, and a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids.

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